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4501 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2650, Date of Import: 9 feb 1998]

Wife and 7 children - port of embarkation Le Harve, April 25, 1848. Recieved the Bible from Godmother Sussanah Leller in 1799. Settled in Platteville. 
Brugger, Jacob (I8460)
4502 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2650, Date of Import: 9 feb 1998]

William Joseph Strong was born on September 7, 1880. He was the seventh child of his parents Joseph Strong and Margaret Mullins. He was born on the Strong Homestead on the farm now owned by Bud Lefave. He grew up there with five sisters. and one older brother who never married and died on the same farm at age 74.
Bill or "Burk" as his friends called him was a small, handsome man with dark curly hair. He was fun loving and well liked. He was a farmer nd a carpenter by trade and built houses in the neighborhood. Quite young at 22, he married Jenny a neighbor girl who was 20 years old. She came from a large family.
While they were still young William bought Lot 13 Concession 2 of rochester Township, 1 100 acre farm with still some uncleared land and an old house that was so run down that sheep were sleeping in it. He cut lumber and rebuilt the house and about 1911 he moved into it. The house was well built and he lived in it until 1934 when his son Adrian married and moved into the house. mr. Strong moved inoto acottage acoss the lane, and so lived out his life on the farm.
During his life he became interested in politics. He was elected to the Rochester Council and served there for seven years. He then became Reeve and was Reeve for seven years. He enjoyed public life as he liked company and was a good speaker. He was well know in agricultural cicrles. The Strong family came to Canada from Ireland in the earlly 1800's. 
Strong, William "Burk" Joseph (I7020)
4503 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #2650, Date of Import: 9 feb 1998]
Luttenbacher, Michael (I6601)
4504 Klomp, Bauke (I76662)
4505 Gezin (F22486)
4506 Gezin (F26263)
4507 \xc,gg Gezin (F29366)

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